The answer lies within "THIS IS DNN," a sharp-witted
parody of the Cable News Networks.

While cleaning his attic, Harold (Scott Wathen) finds a
mysterious dust-covered film reel labeled "Anne Siped -1944."
After turning on the projector, he watches in disbelief -
his grandma's a "news babe" (Anne Caitlin Donohue) and
she is anchoring a DNN News Channel broadcast from
February 1944!

But this is only the beginning. It's what's in this newscast
that shocks him even more: FDR protestors, war protestors,
hurricane protestors, New Deal protestors, and a mockery
of FDR in Hollywood's newest blockbuster - "Fahrenheit 12/7."
Has the mainstream media of 1944 gone berserk?

As the film reel spools out, a stunned Harold returns downstairs
to his TV news junkie wife. On TV is our favorite curmudgeon broadcast commentator, Randy Mooney (Rowell Gormon).  After his harrowing attic experience, Harold is struck by the irony found within Mr Mooney's words.

Featuring newcomers Anne-Caitlin Donohue, Rowell Gormon
and Scott Wathen  "This is DNN " is a satirical yet long overdue
lesson in historical perspective.

At a time when we need it the most.
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